Chat Rules and Regulations

  1. Spreading hatred about other chatroulette users will result in a permanent ban:
    • mean comments regarding other users’ race, sex or location;
    • misbehaving others’ in terms of irritation, sexuality or disruption;
    • Making insult of other users during the cam or text chat on chatroulette.
  2. Lewd behavior with any chat companion is forbidden not granted:
    • chatting and showing bare chest without a face;
    • compelling for cam sex;
    • dispersal of vulgarity;
    • stripping before the webcam while on cam to cam chat;
    • stroking the private body organs;
    • displaying, demonstrating or flaunting genitals;
    • shifting webcam down the chest;
    • obscene or seducing activities while on chatroulette cam chat.
  3. Screening unrelated pictures in video chat is banned:
    • shifting cam towards the PC Screen;
    • shifting cam towards any written message;
    • shifting cam towards any image;
    • making use of emulators.
  4. Below defined spam behaviors are not permissible on chatroulette:
    • demonstration of any kind of written, video or picture advert to any other chatroulette users;
    • distributing a predefined text message having an external URL;
    • distributing a predefined text message to every chat user you met;
    • appealing other chat partners to click on the URL, or asking for voting/survey is not allowed here.
  5. Reporting process
    • If you think that some user is not behaving properly with other then you are requested to raise a complaint against that user. Also, please submit an image (screenshot) as well while raising the complaint. This way we can easily take action against those users violating our terms.
    • Our automated system keeps a keen eye on such violating users but the ongoing support of good hearted users can help us a lot. Well, this banning process is implied only after verifying several factors therefore chances for wrong ban are thin.

Chatroulette moderators are active round the clock but still the mutual aid of other users is necessary. Therefore, it’s our request to raise a complaint whenever you someone abusing our website; it’s for the good sake of everyone here and encourages us to improve chatroulette services.